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Builder’s Bargains Out Now!

Clutter is participating in a shorter event called Builder’s Bargains which is going on from today May 31 until June 2, 2012. There are 3 new items you can grab during this special, the first is shown above, the Antique Shop Wood Grain Texture Pack One which is priced at L$ 125. You get 4 types of wood: poplar, sycamore, hickory and birch. Each type comes in 128 x 512 shaded and unshaded versions, as well as 512 x 512 shaded and unshaded – for a total of 16 textures.

Our next new item is the Grand Hall Occasional Table Sculpty Kit which contains all the parts you need to build and customize your own round table. It’s set for sale at L$ 75 for the duration of the event.

The final item for this event is the Lyta’s Upholstery Textures Delafield Pack – which is available for the low price of L$ 125. Included in it is 1 plaid in summer and winter weights, 2 stripes in summer and winter weight and 1 weave in summer and winter weights, each come in 512 x 512 shaded and unshaded versions for a total of 16 textures. Imagine all the furniture you could make with it!

Please remember that when you buy any texture pack or sculpty kit, you are agreeing to the user license. For a copy of this, left click on the vendor and select “notecard”.

New Textures For Sixty Linden Weekends

Clutter has three new texture packs out for Sixty Linden Weekends, you can use them in a variety of ways, so have a look and then grab them for yourself!Our first pack is the Wayne Upholstery Textures in Pine. There are 3 variations; 512 x 512 in shaded and unshaded, 512 x 512 weave in shaded and unshaded, and 512 x 512 color weave in shaded and unshaded – for a total of 6 textures.

The next pack is similar to the first, but in this deep blue-purple color, it’s called Wayne Upholstery Textures in Royal. Once again there are 3 variations; 512 x 512 in shaded and unshaded, 512 x 512 weave in shaded and unshaded, and 512 x 512 color weave in shaded and unshaded – for a total of 6 textures.

The final pack for this weekend’s special, is the Variegated Hardwood Floors. Included are 6 color variegations in 512 x 512 shaded and unshaded textures, and 1024 x 1024 shaded and unshaded textures – for a total of 24 textures!

Remember that these texture packs will be on sale at L$ 60 only for this weekend, as of Monday they will go up to their normal price!

Please note: by buying these textures you are agreeing to the user license, a copy of which can be obtained by left-clicking on the vendor and selecting “notecard”.

Big Time Retirement Sale

Here’s the skinny on what’s going on at Clutter, Kat has decided that she needs to reduce the amount of inventory so she’s holding a huge retirement sale! Everything, that’s right, EVERYTHING in the store is on sale and going to be retired as soon as the sale is up! Items are going for L$10 -L$100, drastically reduced from their retail value. The only thing it doesn’t include is trees, texture packs or sculpted prim kits. The sale only goes until June 10, 2012 so if you want a quality product at an amazingly low price, then stop in before it’s gone for good! And trust me, it will be.

New Items At The Retro Swap Meet!

As a follow up to our previous post, we have 3 new items from Clutter available at the Retro Swap Meet for only L$ 10 each! All items at the event are from the period of the 20’s through the 1980’s. The first new item is the 1920’s salon chair, which seats 1 with 3 adjustable sit poses. This would be great in a parlour, library or maybe a powder room.

Next we have the 1920’s salon lamp, which you can turn off and on by touching the shade. Don’t let the name fool you though, you can use it wherever you like – even as a bedside reading light!

Our final item matches the first two, we have the 1920’s Salon Table. It could be used in a variety of places but I picture it used as a card table, where proper ladies would play bridge.

The Retro Swap Meet is already opens and runs until June 6, 2012; make sure to drop by and see what everyone is offering!

Textures At The Retro Swap Meet!

Everyone likes a good sale event, am I right? From the people that brought you the Wash Cart Sale, we have the Retro Swap Meet – where all items are themed from the 1920’s to the 1980’s. Clutter is taking part in this event which opened May 23 and runs until June 6, 2012. There are 2 texture packs available and 3 items (they will follow in a separate post) for only L$ 10 each! The Art Deco Brocade Fabric Textures are the first available pack, and it contains 5 color variations of the brocade in 512 x 512 size, both shaded and unshaded; that’s a total of 10 textures.

The second pack of textures is the Depression Brocade Fabric Textures. The colors in this pack are more muted, compared to the previous one, giving you the feeling of dashed hopes and dreams. Once again there are 5 color variations, and the textures come in 512 x 512 size, with the shaded and unshaded versions.

As a reminder, when you purchase one of these packs, you are agreeing to the user license.

Clutter at Home and Garden Expo, Part 2

Earlier today, we posted the finished goods we created for Home and Garden Expo, along with a little information about Expo.  You can find that post  here!

In addition to the finished goods in post one, we also created several texture packs for builders.  We really love the hand-hewn textures.  With a rough cut and distinctive grain pattern, these add a lot of depth to builds!

Our Infinity Grain woods also have a lot of depth, and rich variegated coloring.  These come in a variety of sizes, orientation and shading (not all shown), and even two bonus textures per pack!

In our opinion, brocades are timeless and season-less, so we bought some originals to Expo!

There are also a couple of more new texture sets available, but we’ll let you explore for yourself!

At Expo, Clutter is on Dreamseeker Home Expo8 sim, sponsored by Cheeky Pea and the incredibly talented Isla Gealach!  For more information about the other fabulous designers on the Cheeky Pea sponsored sim, check out our sidebar for links to their blogs!

Clutter at Home & Garden Expo!

Home & Garden Expo 2012 is charity fundraiser to benefit Relay for Life of Second Life – part of the American Cancer Society’s annual Relay for Life fundraising drive.  Cancer was responsible for 1 out of every 8 deaths worldwide last year.  And while ACS’s name suggests this is an American charity, ACS works globally.  You can read a brief outline of their global programs here.  In depth information on their website.

This year, Clutter has three donation items for RFL – two for home and garden fans, and one for builders.

Each are L$100 and pay100% to RFL of SL.

We also have some other new releases available for home garden fans, as well as lots of new texture packs for builders (we’ll post the textures a little later!):

And our Home Expo Hunt item, which also donates 100% of the L$25 cost to RFL:

The hunt item is inside a cupcake (look slightly up, over the birdhouse vendor at our Expo build).

At Expo, Clutter is on Dreamseeker Home Expo8 sim, sponsored by Cheeky Pea and the incredibly talented Isla Gealach!  For more information about the other fabulous designers on the Cheeky Pea sponsored sim, check out our sidebar for links to their blogs!

Clutter Textures for Sixty Linden Weekends

We’re really excited to be a part of Sixty Linden Weekends this weekend (now through May 20th), with three new texture packs as our official releases, and four more new texture packs also offered at the sale price!

Extra options also on sale for L$60 each:

You can find all seven texture packs at the Clutter main store!

The First Builder’s Bargains Sale!

It’s always exciting to be participating in new events, and when a friend turned me on to Builder’s Bargains – organized by Chippie Waffle – I applied right away!  And here we are, the first sale starts today and runs through May 20th!  Full perms designers from across the grid have marked down must-have building supplies by 50% or more!

Being an over-achiever, I’ve set out a new texture pack for 75% off!

These plank floor invert well to make great paneling, and there are several options per wood finish.

To read the user license (which you should do before you buy), simply click the vendor and select Notecard.  You can find the deal at Clutter main store, and you can see all the sale goodness on the Builder’s Bargains blog (link above).

Thanks for taking a look!

<3 Kat

Keep Calm and Keep Shopping!

We’re so happy to be participating in the Keep Calm and Keep Shopping event, organized by Evelyn Hartshon. It’s not a sale per se, but each designer participating has an exclusive event item out from now through  May 28th!

Our item is an exclusive chair, made in the tradition of our Family Heirloom collection:

Madison (16 prims, transfer only)
– Seats 1 with 14 adjustable sits.
– Touch seat for menu, select Adjust to personalize the sit.
– Dispenses five wearable items.

The chair is only L$200, and once the event is over, the chair is gone forever!  You can pick it up at the Clutter main store.


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