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Sixty Linden Weekends Is Here Again!

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time to get ready for a major shopping spree that the weekend usually brings. Clutter for Builders is participating in Sixty Linden Weekends for 6 items priced at L$ 60 for the whole weekend! To start we have 3 packs of Manhattan Brick Walls, East Side:

West Side I:

And West Side II:

Each pack of the Manhattan Brick Walls has a total of 12 textures: 3 variations of the bricks in 512 x 512 shaded and unshaded versions, and 512 x 512 grunge and grunge shaded versions. Having a brick wall as a focal point in a build is always in style, but there are tons of things you can use these for.

Taking it in another direction, we have the Modern Gothic Fabric Textures. There are 4 color variations on the pattern in 3 versions each: 512 x 512 shaded, unshaded and grunge. These would look great as dramatic curtains, or used for funky gothic furniture.

We then have some Grass And Dirt Terrain Textures. There are 9 512 x 512 textures in the pack, and are seamless so you can use this in builds or for your personal sim needs.

To jazz up that terrain you’re working on, we have the Noyo Canyon Tree Stump Sculpt Kit I. You can also use these in products that you sell! Included in the kit is: 4 sculpt maps, 4 examples, 5 ambient occlusion textures, 4 surface textures, 3 ground shadow textures, and 1 texture guide.

Please remember that by buying any of these textures or sculpt kits you are agreeing to our user license agreement.

Builder’s Bargains: August 23 – 26

Clutter for Builders has 4 new texture packs out for Builder’s Bargains, taking place from August 23 – 26, 2012. All four are only L$ 60 for the duration.

First we have the Douse Upholstery Fabric Textures which are variations in rich, forest green with gold accents. You get a total of 20 textures, which include both 512 x 512 shaded and unshaded versions. These are perfect for fall furniture; something that gives a cozy and warm feeling.

We then have the Marshall Upholstery Fabric Textures, which are delightful mix of blues, greens and beige. There are 21 weave fabrics in 512 x 512 shaded versions. What you do with them are only limited by you imagination.

We then have have this pack of Vintage Roof Shingle Textures. There are a total of 11 textures which includes: 5 dark color variations and 6 lighter color variations – all in 512 x 512 unshaded versions.

Our last item is the Williamsburg Fabric Textures, which is a colorful collection of printed fabrics in autumnal tones. Included in the pack is: 10 patterns in 512 x 512 unshaded versions, 2 plaids in 512 x 512 unshaded versions, and 1 striped texture in 512 x 512 unshaded version. That makes for a total of 13 textures to use in your fabulous creations.

Please remember that by buying any of these textures or sculpt kits you are agreeing to our user license agreement.

Even more new releases at Clutter for Builders!

We have two additional new releases, also priced at L$60 for the weekend of August 18 –19.

Clutter for Builders - Ground Terrain Sculpt Kit II

Based on several requests, Lyta has released the Ground Terrain Sculpt Kit II.  The kit includes two new garden row sculpt, single and double rows, and an additional ground sculpt perfect for creating hay mounds, rock protrusions, or dirt fields.  Like the previous terrain kit the sculpts are walkable.  The kit includes 3 sculpt maps, 3 ambient occlusion textures, 3 surface textures and three examples.

Clutter for Builders - Van Gogh Zen Garden Bridge Sculpt Kit

The second new release is the Van Gogh Zen Garden Bridge Sculpt Kit.  The kit includes 5 sculpt maps, 3 examples and a texture repeat script.  The bridge can be created three ways with 1 to 3 land impact and textures well with shaded and unshaded wood textures.  The bridge is perfect for spanning a small stream, a dry creek bed, or nestled in that special spot in your garden.

Be sure to stop by our main store to check out the samples.

Please remember that by buying any of these textures or sculpt kits you are agreeing to our user license agreement.

Sixty Linden Weekends at Clutter for Builders, August 18-19

It’s Friday and that of course means that it’s time for the Sixty Linden Weekends deals at Clutter for Builders! There are 4 brand new items out this week marked down to L$ 60, but after the weekend the prices will go up!

The first item is the Barn Wood Textures. The pack includes: 9 colors of worn-in wood textures in 512 x 512 shaded versions, 512 x 512 darker shaded versions, and 512 x 512 grunge shaded versions – that’s a total of 27 textures. The name implies they can be used for building barns, but they can certainly be used for a variety of builds, including period pieces.

We then have 2 packs with Old Mexico Wood Textures:

As you can see, they are the same except for the colors of the woods included. They each contain 3 colors of wood textures, in 128 x 512 shaded, unshaded and grunge versions, as well as in 512 x 512 shaded, unshaded and grunge versions. That means there is a total of 18 textures in each pack. Maybe you can use these to build a retreat for when the colder months roll around shortly?

Our final item is the Mission Tallboy Sculpt Kit, which will allow you to build your own version of a Mission-style Tallboy bureau. The kit will allow you to build several different types of tallboys, included in this kit is: 18 sculpt maps, 18 example pieces, 5 finished examples, and 1 floor shadow texture. You can make something for your home, or you can also sell it!

Please remember that by buying any of these textures or sculpt kits you are agreeing to our user license agreement.

Clutter for Builders at Wash Cart Sale

Clutter for Builders is taking part in the Wash Cart Sale which is taking place from August 15 – September 5, 2012 at The Wash sim. All the items at the sale are priced at L$ 10 for the duration. The first item is the Basic Stone Textures shown above, which has 6 stone textures in a 512 x 512 unshaded version. I am excited to see how they will be used!

Next we have the Elegant Grain Wood Textures in Mid-Tone Finishes, which has 5 types of wood: hackberry, hawthorn, poplar, sycamore, and elder. Each comes in the 128x 512 shaded version, and they are designed to be used with plan sculpts. These are the perfect colors for fall, maybe these were just what you were looking for to complete a project.

We also have the Passaic Upholstery Textures in several color versions:

They all 4 textures in 2 versions, 512 x 512 shaded and unshaded. They all have a autumnal feel to them, so they would just be perfect for building some new furniture for the upcoming season.

The final item is the Boston Bookcase Sculpt Kit With Mesh Option. Included in this kit is: 1 sculpt map, 1 sculpt example, 1 mesh model and 4 textures. You can use this to customize a bookshelf to yourself, or you can make something to sell!

Please remember that by buying any of these textures or sculpt kits you are agreeing to our user license agreement.

Sixty Linden Weekends at Clutter for Builders, August 10-12

Another busy week at Clutter for Builders, and we have lots of newness to show for it.   Six new releases for Sixty Linden Weekends, and a bonus release, also priced at L$60 for the weekend!

Mission-style mania continues with this versatile armoire sculpt kit, which comes with 15 sculpt maps, 18 examples, and a ground shadow texture.  The pack includes four different styles of doors, left and right versions with handy offset pivots.  There are also two different door pulls, two styles of trim for the sides, and two different inserts for the interior.  A great edition to the Mission Bed and Mission Night Table builder’s kits we released earlier in the week!

Mix it up with our Color Me Dark Wood Textures for even more dramatic looks!


These colorful wood textures are seamless, unshaded, shaded and grunge shaded.  Each color comes and shading option comes in 512×512, and in 128×512 – perfect for a lot of plane-stitched sculpts.

Lyta sculpted this adorable and wicked flexible Noyo Canyon Ground Terrain Sculpt Kit:

This builder’s kit comes with four sculpt maps, 4 ambient occlusion textures, 4 textures, and 4 examples for you to work from.  Make beds of hay, mounds of grass, rocky surfaces, and gardens rows!  They’re even walkable… check out our display in the main store for some extra serving suggestions.

Lyta also put together three rock terrain texture packs that work great on the ground sculpts.  You can use them with or without the ambient occlusion textures in the sculpt kit:

Each pack comes with 8 different textures, size 512×512, and perfectly seamless.

All products have builder’s permissions, but our user license agreement does apply!

Be sure to shop August 10-12 to get all these items for just L$60 each!  Only available at the Clutter for Builders main store!




Clutter for Builders is on a Mission for Builder’s Bargains!

The newest round of Builder’s Bargains has begun, and Clutter for Builders is offering four items from our mission-style sculpt kit line.


The coordinating Mission Bed and Mission Night Table sculpt packs offer builders a lot of options, and allow you to build dozens of versions.  Build 3 to 6 prim bedsteads, and 1 to 5 prim tables.  The sculpties are high LOD, and texture very easily.  The maps are copy/transfer allowing you to sell what you build (user license applies).  Surface textures are sold separately.  All example pieces are copy/mod so you can easily replicate them.  From now through August 12, the bed kit is only L$100 (later it will be L$500).  The table kit is just L$60 through August 12 (later it will be L$250).


To cap off our Builder’s Bargains, we are offering two more packs of Mission Woods textures at just L$60 each for the duration of the sale.  These wood textures are rendered in our most popular wood finishes, and are all shaded.  As they were designed specifically for plane-stitched sculpts, two sizes are included in each pack: 128×512 and 512×512, with copy/mod/transfer permissions, but our user license does apply.

You can snag all these bargains and more at the Clutter for Builders main store!



Clutter for Builders: A new round of Sixty Linden Weekends!

Yep, it’s time for Sixty Linden Weekends again, and Clutter for Builders is proud to lead off this week’s offerings with the Noyo Canyon Fallen Log Sculpt Kit.  This hollowed log and blanket kit includes the sculpt maps, ambient occlusion textures, a texture guide, and instructions on how to apply the AOs to surface textures in GIMP.   Our example picture uses two of the texture sets we are also offering for L$60 Weekends:

The Unscathed Tree Bark Textures are seamless, and the so are the Toasty Twill Blanket Textures.  The blanket textures also have shaded and grunge options, so you can build to a variety of tastes!

Like options?   We’ve also got two more seamless bark texture sets out for the sale:

There’s certainly enough options for you, as a builder, to meet ALL of your customers’ needs!

To cap the whole thing off, we’ve also got the Noyo Canyon Firepit Sculpt Kit, which comes with the sculpt maps, texture guide, and surface textures!


No fire script is included, we figure you probably have your own favorite!

All of this week’s offerings do have builder’s permissions, but remember:  our user license agreement does apply to all Clutter for Builders purchases.

You can find them at our main store in Second Life, as well as at our main store location InWorldz.  The L$60 pricing is good through August 5th!






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