Textures, mesh, and animations for your SL creations!

Customer Service

User License: Please read our user license agreement for full perm and copy & transfer products here.

Re-delivery:  Declined or deleted an item?  Use the re-delivery terminal in our main store.  Note:  Colab Kit purchases and most hunt items will not be in the re-delivery terminal (This is not my choice, some organizers insist I use their vendor script instead of my own).  You will need to provide full details of the transaction (no exceptions) from your transaction history in an IM to Kat Alderson (no note cards).

Refunds and Exchanges: There are no refunds or exchanges of full perm or copy & transfer, items or copy only items, except in the case of duplicate purchases of the same item.  Please include the full details of BOTH transactions from your transaction history in an IM to Kat Alderson (no note cards) – absolutely no exceptions.

Missing Pieces:  In the rare case where a piece is missing from a boxed product, paste the full details of your transaction from your into an IM to Kat Alderson (no note cards) as well as which piece you believe to be missing, so I can help you.  Thank you!

Missed the sale price?  I’ve always released all my full perm products with promotional pricing  for a limited time.  Usually the items are available before the advertised sale days, and for several hours after.  If you want the items at sale prices, please visit during the advertised promotional period.  For a variety of professional and personal reasons, I cannot honor the promotional prices once the promotion ends.  Thank you for your consideration.

Custom and Exclusive Work:  While your interest is appreciated, I don’t do custom or exclusive work at this time.

Product Suggestions/Requests: For the time being I have ended my product suggestion program and kindly ask that you do not send me product ideas, suggestions or requests.

Contact Information:  Contact Kat Alderson by IM only.  Leave a detailed messaged and I will return your message as soon as I can.  My IMs go to email.  If you provide details I can help you.  If you don’t I can’t. “Hi” or “are you there?” or “message me when you are here” don’t give me the details I need to help you.

Friend Requests:  Thanks so much for your interest.  At this time, I am keeping my friends list very compact. If you would like to be considered, please take this test which will determine if we are friends.



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