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Sixty Linden Weekends: March 16 – 17

There are 6 brand new items out now at Clutter for Builders for only L$ 60! Why? Well because it’s time again for Sixty Linden Weekends! You can grab these deals until the end of the day on Sunday, March 17, 2013.

Clutter for Builders - 0066KA-Lay.Genteel

The first item is the 0066KA-Lay.Genteel.Restless-X with includes 1 animation and 2 static poses. Use this in conjunction with a bed or couch to allow users to relax, even if they might be restless.

Clutter for Builders - 0067KA-Lay.Genteel

The 0067KA-Lay.Genteel.Restless-X is another unisex animation and pose item, however this one has the user laying with their feet propped up. It contains 1 animation and 1 static pose.

Clutter for Builders - 0068KA-Sit.Gentee Reversel

Next up is the 0068KA.Sit.Genteel.Cozy-F, this is a feminine reclining position where the user is resting with their left arm propping them in a sitting position. It includes 1 animation and 2 static poses.

Clutter for Builders - 0068KA-Sit.Genteel

There is also the reverse pose, the 0068KA-Sit.Genteel.Cozy-F-Reverse. It mirrors the previous pose, but using the right arm to prop up the user instead of the left. It too includes 1 animation and 2 static poses.

Clutter for Builders - Garden Pergola Sculpt Kit I Ad

Then we change up things a bit and have the Garden Pergola Sculpt Kit I, which will allow you to build this Asian-inspired outdoor pergola – which would be the perfect place to set up a romantic spot for two. Included in the kit is: a rebuilder kit to recreate items in your own name, 8 sculpt maps, 3 surface textures, 1 example, and 1 mesh object (there is a mesh option for the pergola rafters).

Clutter for Builders - Garden Pergola Plants & Planters Ad

The final item is the Garden Pergola Plants and Planters. These are made to compliment the Garden Pergola Sculpt Kit, however you could use them for a variety of outdoor spots. Included in this package is: 4 sculpt maps, 4 surface textures, 4 ambient occlusion textures, and 2 examples.

Please remember that by buying any of these sculpt kits, or animations & poses, you are agreeing to our user license agreement.

Even more new releases at Clutter for Builders!

We have two additional new releases, also priced at L$60 for the weekend of August 18 –19.

Clutter for Builders - Ground Terrain Sculpt Kit II

Based on several requests, Lyta has released the Ground Terrain Sculpt Kit II.  The kit includes two new garden row sculpt, single and double rows, and an additional ground sculpt perfect for creating hay mounds, rock protrusions, or dirt fields.  Like the previous terrain kit the sculpts are walkable.  The kit includes 3 sculpt maps, 3 ambient occlusion textures, 3 surface textures and three examples.

Clutter for Builders - Van Gogh Zen Garden Bridge Sculpt Kit

The second new release is the Van Gogh Zen Garden Bridge Sculpt Kit.  The kit includes 5 sculpt maps, 3 examples and a texture repeat script.  The bridge can be created three ways with 1 to 3 land impact and textures well with shaded and unshaded wood textures.  The bridge is perfect for spanning a small stream, a dry creek bed, or nestled in that special spot in your garden.

Be sure to stop by our main store to check out the samples.

Please remember that by buying any of these textures or sculpt kits you are agreeing to our user license agreement.

Clutter at Home & Garden Expo!

Home & Garden Expo 2012 is charity fundraiser to benefit Relay for Life of Second Life – part of the American Cancer Society’s annual Relay for Life fundraising drive.  Cancer was responsible for 1 out of every 8 deaths worldwide last year.  And while ACS’s name suggests this is an American charity, ACS works globally.  You can read a brief outline of their global programs here.  In depth information on their website.

This year, Clutter has three donation items for RFL – two for home and garden fans, and one for builders.

Each are L$100 and pay100% to RFL of SL.

We also have some other new releases available for home garden fans, as well as lots of new texture packs for builders (we’ll post the textures a little later!):

And our Home Expo Hunt item, which also donates 100% of the L$25 cost to RFL:

The hunt item is inside a cupcake (look slightly up, over the birdhouse vendor at our Expo build).

At Expo, Clutter is on Dreamseeker Home Expo8 sim, sponsored by Cheeky Pea and the incredibly talented Isla Gealach!  For more information about the other fabulous designers on the Cheeky Pea sponsored sim, check out our sidebar for links to their blogs!


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