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Sixty Linden Weekends: March 8-9

Mesh Kit and Add-on Surface Textures for Sixty Linden Weekends!

NEW! Release price: L$60 (Will be L$350)

NEW! Release price: L$60 (Will be L$350)

Clutter for Builders - Surface Textures Add-on Pack for Kits 01

NEW! Release price: L$60 (Will be L$400)

The chair mesh kit is a variation of the kits offered for Builder’s Bargains this week!  The cushions use the same ambient occlusion, so you can can save work and L$ on your designs.  The attached pillow uses a different ambient occlusion texture (also included).   You can also use them together to come up with some clever seating areas.  With five faces on this, you can easily come up with a unique look!

The surface textures have the ambient occlusions already applied, work on all three kits.  Mix and match for a wide variety of looks! (Sorry, seamless versions of these textures are not being offered.)

Sale prices are good through March 9th, and these items are available now in the Clutter for Builders main store!

Builder’s Bargains: March 6-9

Mesh Kits for Builder’s Bargains!

Our newest items were created with home and garden designers in mind.

NEW! Release Price L$150  (Will be L$350.)

NEW! Release Price L$150 (Will be L$350.)

Clutter for Builders - Mesh Kit Ottoman 01

NEW!  Release price: L$150 (Will be L$350)


The chair and ottoman work together or separately, and were designed to use the same ambient occlusion texture (included), saving you work and upload costs!  Surface textures are included, and can be swapped between pieces. With multiple faces, its easy to create a unique look, and with low land impact, you can add other objects, like pillows, books or trays and still deliver a prim-conscious product.  You can even link these together in various configurations to create a cozy reading corner, or even sectional seating!

The release prices are good through March 9th, and are exclusive to the Builder’s Bargains sale, held on in The Creators Market on the Builders sim! Once the sale is over, they will be available in our main store.

New Wood and Upholstery Textures, plus Sculpt Kits for Sixty Linden Weekends!

Clutter for Builders has six new items out for Sixty Linden Weekends, including two wood texture sets designed for plane sculpts, two upholstery fabric texture sets with seamless and shaded options, and two complete builder’s sculpt kits!  The L$60 sale price is only available through June 24!

These wood textures are subtly shaded, and are sized at 128×512 which makes them perfect for must plane sculpt applications.  Whether you’re a seasoned builder, or a shopper looking to update your modifiable purchases, you’re sure to have a lot of fun with these.  They’re full perms, but a user license does apply!

These fabric textures are great for furniture upholstery, and are the last two selection in our Wayne Upholstery series.  Like the textures that went before them, these have seamless and shaded options.  Like the wood textures above, they are full perms, but a user license does apply.

Three planter sculpts in one amazing set that includes a perfect ambient occlusion texture, a surface texture you can use in your builds, as well as two types of texture guides for creating your own unique look.  Best of all, the planters resize amazingly well.  Make them tall for your mantle, or for flanking your front door.  Make them short to work on coffee tables, or other pieces of furniture!

It’s mind boggling all you can do with the right two sculpt maps, a prim of your own, a couple of surface textures, and a texture guide.  This sculpt kit allows you to easily create end tables, coffee tables, and shadow boxes!  Use our leg sculpt, or use your own for even more versatility!

All six items are available at the Clutter for Builders main store!  Hurry, before the Sixty Linden Weekend is over!

New Items At The Retro Swap Meet!

As a follow up to our previous post, we have 3 new items from Clutter available at the Retro Swap Meet for only L$ 10 each! All items at the event are from the period of the 20′s through the 1980′s. The first new item is the 1920′s salon chair, which seats 1 with 3 adjustable sit poses. This would be great in a parlour, library or maybe a powder room.

Next we have the 1920′s salon lamp, which you can turn off and on by touching the shade. Don’t let the name fool you though, you can use it wherever you like – even as a bedside reading light!

Our final item matches the first two, we have the 1920′s Salon Table. It could be used in a variety of places but I picture it used as a card table, where proper ladies would play bridge.

The Retro Swap Meet is already opens and runs until June 6, 2012; make sure to drop by and see what everyone is offering!

Keep Calm and Keep Shopping!

We’re so happy to be participating in the Keep Calm and Keep Shopping event, organized by Evelyn Hartshon. It’s not a sale per se, but each designer participating has an exclusive event item out from now through  May 28th!

Our item is an exclusive chair, made in the tradition of our Family Heirloom collection:

Madison (16 prims, transfer only)
- Seats 1 with 14 adjustable sits.
- Touch seat for menu, select Adjust to personalize the sit.
- Dispenses five wearable items.

The chair is only L$200, and once the event is over, the chair is gone forever!  You can pick it up at the Clutter main store.


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