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Sixty Linden Weekends: Dec 14 – 16

It’s the weekend again and time for more super deals from Clutter for Builders for Sixty Linden Weekends – where all these brand new items cost only L$ 60!

Clutter for Builders - Celebration Champagne Sculpt Kit ad

The first item will help with your holiday decor and New Year’s Eve coming up, the Celebration Champagne Sculpt Kit! You can create your own fancy brand of bubbly with this kit! Included is: 3 sculpt maps, 6 surface textures, 1 texture guide, and 3 examples. Perfect to give as a hostess gift as well!

Clutter for Builders - Forest Pathway Textures III ad

Secondly we have the Forest Pathway Textures I, which has 12 textures to give a sim that perfect wintery path look. You will get 512 x 512 for forest pathway sculpts (sold separately) versions, and 512 x 512 seamless versions. This might be just the thing to complete your home sim for the season!

Then there are 2 packs for the Easton Wood Textures, one in maple:

Clutter for Builders - Easton Wood Textures Maple ad

And one in Walnut:

Clutter for Builders - Easton Wood Textures Walnut ad

Both of the packages include 12 textures each, which shaded and seamless versions in the following sizes: 128 x 512, 256 x 512, 512 x 512, 256 x 1024, 512 x 1024, and 1024 x 1024. I think both of these would work really well for hard wood floors in a classy, or country, build.

Clutter for Builders - Oxford Upholstery Fabric Textures ad

Fifth is the Oxford Upholstery Fabric Textures. These seem to be somewhat retro in their design, with a heavy feel to them which would suit many furniture items. In the package you will find 14 different colors of the fabric in a 1024 x 1024 seamless version.

Clutter for Builders - Sit-0044KA-Drink-F-Champagne-AP ad

The final item is an animation item (that includes 2 static pose versions) called Sit-0044KA-Drink-F-Champagne, which is a feminine sit with the user drinking a glass of something; what it is, is really up to you. A reminder: no furniture is included in this item.

Please remember that by buying any of these textures, sculpt kits, or animations & poses, you are agreeing to our user license agreement.


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