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Sixty Linden Weekends: Nov 30 – Dec 2

Hi again, we wanted to let you know about the special Sixty Linden Weekends items that we have for you over at Clutter for Builders! Each one is only L$ 60 for the weekend, so there is no reason not to grab them!

First item is the Restoration Farmhouse Bed Sculpt Kit, which allows you to build your own quaint, and somewhat rustic, bed with matching side table.. The kit includes: 6 sculpt maps, 2 examples, 2 ambient occlusion textures, 5 surface textures, 2 shadow textures, and 1 texture guide.

Then we have the Restoration Saw Horse Desk Sculpt Kit. You’ll be able to build this darling desk and bench with the items included: 3 sculpt maps, 2 examples, 1 surface texture, and 2 shadow textures. You could not only use it for a writing desk, but would be great for art projects or the handyman.

The furniture sculpt kits both look good textured in woods, so if you want a bit more variety the Sanders Wood Textures might come in handy. This is a pack of 6 colors of the Sanders woods in the following versions: 512 x 512 shaded and unshaded; and 1024 x 1024 shaded and unshaded.

Now if you wanted to add some animations or poses to the Restoration Saw Horse Desk, or any other tables, we have some available as well.

This is the Sit-0036KA-Table-X-Proofread animation, which includes a static pose version. It allows the user to appear to be reading intently.

Then there is also the Sit-0037KA-Table-X-Puzzled, which gives the user the appearance of being somewhat confused. It contains 2 animations and 2 static poses.

The final item is the Sit-0038-KA-Table-X-Study, which allows the user to appear to be studying -great for students or schools! It contains 1 animation and 3 static poses.

Please remember that by buying any of these textures, sculpt kits, or animations & poses, you are agreeing to our user license agreement.

Sixty Linden Weekends at Clutter for Builders

It’s the last weekend of July, and Clutter for Builders has 6 new items out for Sixty Linden Weekends – why not treat yourself to some new and inexpensive resources? They’re all set for sale at L$ 60! Our first great release is the Mission Wood Textures I, which has 5 different colored variations of weathered wood. Each comes in a 128 x 512 shaded version and a 512 x 512 shaded version.

Then we also have the Mission Wood Textures II, which has 5 different colors from the first pack, but they would all work well together. Each comes in a 128 x 512 shaded version and a 512 x 512 shaded version. Colored furniture is a big trend right now, so why not use these gorgeous woods to make some of your own?

We then have a bunch of sculpty kits, starting with the Asheville Oblong Tablecloth Sculpt Kit I. This kit gives you all the necessary pieces to make your own tablecloth top for a table, included in the package is: 2 sculpt maps, 3 example pieces, 3 ambient occlusion textures, 2 surface textures, 1 floor shadow and 1 texture guide.

And then we have the Mission Desk Chair Sculpt Kit. You can make your own Mission-style chairs with the pieces provided in the kit, with 7 different variations (1 to 3 prims per chair). Included is: 9 sculpt maps, 9 example pieces, 7 unscripted finished examples, and 1 shadow texture. There are no wood textures included, so please remember that when purchasing.

We also have the Mission Desk Sculpt Kit, so you can make a whole set with your desk chairs! The parts included will allow you to make dozens of variations on the desk, ranging from 1 to 7 prims. In this kit you get: 19 sculpt maps, 19 example pieces, 5 unscripted finished pieces, and 1 shadow texture. As with the desk chair, there are no wood textures included.

The final item this weekend is the Shadowbox Table Sculpt Kit II. You can create your own tables with a shadowbox-like compartment on the top to display whatever you like. Included in this kit is: 2 sculpt maps, 2 examples, 1 wood texture, 1 glass texture, 1 floor shadow, 1 texture guide, and 1 texture repeat script. What will you exhibit in your tables?

Please remember, buying any of these packs or kits means you agree to the user license. To get a copy of this, left click on the vendor and select “notecard”.

Clutter at Home & Garden Expo!

Home & Garden Expo 2012 is charity fundraiser to benefit Relay for Life of Second Life – part of the American Cancer Society’s annual Relay for Life fundraising drive.  Cancer was responsible for 1 out of every 8 deaths worldwide last year.  And while ACS’s name suggests this is an American charity, ACS works globally.  You can read a brief outline of their global programs here.  In depth information on their website.

This year, Clutter has three donation items for RFL – two for home and garden fans, and one for builders.

Each are L$100 and pay100% to RFL of SL.

We also have some other new releases available for home garden fans, as well as lots of new texture packs for builders (we’ll post the textures a little later!):

And our Home Expo Hunt item, which also donates 100% of the L$25 cost to RFL:

The hunt item is inside a cupcake (look slightly up, over the birdhouse vendor at our Expo build).

At Expo, Clutter is on Dreamseeker Home Expo8 sim, sponsored by Cheeky Pea and the incredibly talented Isla Gealach!  For more information about the other fabulous designers on the Cheeky Pea sponsored sim, check out our sidebar for links to their blogs!


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