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Builder’s Bargains: Nov 29 – Dec 2

Clutter for Builders has 2 items out today for Builder’s Bargains and each are only L$ 60 for the weekend (until Sunday, December 2, 2012).

First we have the Restoration Farmhouse Winter Quilt Block Textures which are made to resemble the block style of fabric you see with handmade quilts. You get 16 different styles of quilt block, each comes in the 512 x 512 seamless version. You can make so many different types of quilts, covers, throws and the like with these because you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Next is the Pequonnock Column Lamp Sculpt Kit, which at first glance is a more modern item but can also fit in to an Asian-esque decor. You can make several styles of column lamp with this kit and included is: 1 script, 8 sculpt maps, 6 examples, 7 surface textures, and 1 shadow texture.

Please remember that by buying any of these textures; or sculpt kits, you are agreeing to our user license agreement.

Sixty Linden Weekends: Nov 23 – 25

It’s Thanksgiving weekend in the United States, and that traditionally means huge sales! Sixty Linden Weekends is in action of course at Clutter for Builders, and this time there are even more great items for only L$ 60!

The first new item we have is the Lounge-0034KA-Read-F-Cozily, which is an animation as well as 2 static poses that gives the user the appearance of relaxing and reading. It can be used alone or with the next item…

This is the Lounge-0035KA-Read-M-Cozily, which is like the partner animation to the above female one. In the pack you get: 1 animation and 2 static poses. You can use both of the animations or only one in anything you’d like, it’s all up to you!

Next up we have the Nubbly Upholstery Fabric Textures in several color variations:

Even though they come in different colors, they each contain 14 textures in 512 x 512 and 1024 x 1024 seamless versions. They would make great fabrics for some warm and cuddly furniture, perfect for the cold, winter season.

Next up are the Old Wesr Wood Textures, and it too comes in several color options.

Each color pack of the Old West Wood Textures contains a total 30 textures in both 512 x 512 and 1024 x 1024 sizes, in grunge, shaded and unshaded versions. Use these on fabulous and faux-worn builds, or on some cool farm decor; I’m thinking some benches next to a simple ice skating rink..?

Then there are four packs of the Pepin Wood Textures in different types of wood.

Just use your imagination and use these smooth and subtle wood textures for whatever you can come up with! Each pack contains 18 textures: 128 x 512, 256 x 512, 512 x 512, 256 x 1024, 512 x 1024, and 1024 x 1024 sizes – in grunge, shaded, and seamless versions.

Changing the pace a little, there is then the New England Stone Wall Sculpt Kit. This kit will allow you to create your own stone wall, which can be used for making a fence around your property or with making prefab builds to sell. Included in the kit is: 4 sculpt maps, 1 example, 2 ambient occlusion textures, 2 surface textures, and 1 texture guide.

Next we go on to the Richmond Planters Boxes Sculpt Kit. This kit will allow you to build your own round or square planter boxes. Included in the kit is: 4 sculpt maps, 2 examples, 2 ambient occlusion textures, 4 surface textures, 2 shadow textures, and 1 texture guide.

The final item is the Richmond Tripod Lamp Sculpt Kit. It takes the idea of a three-legged camera tripod, and makes a standard lamp more modern and interesting. Included in the kit is: 4 sculpt maps, 2 examples, 1 script, 1 ambient occlusion texture, 3 surface textures, 1 shadow texture, and 1 texture guide.

Please remember that by buying any of these textures, sculpt kits, or animations & poses, you are agreeing to our user license agreement.

Sixty Linden Weekends Have Super Specials

Happy Friday everyone! The team at Clutter has 3 new items for you at the special price of L$ 60 as a part of Sixty Linden Weekends! The first item is the Defined Grain Wood Textures Add-On Pack. This is a collection of 6 color variations of the defined grain wood, and you get each color in a 128 x 512 shaded and unshaded versions, as well as 512 x 512 shaded and unshaded versions. I think these would work great in building  – either as flooring or even something like a quaint beach house or summer cabin.

The next item for the event is Lyta’s Upholstery Textures in Muskego tones. Included in this texture pack is: 1 plaid in summer and winter weights, 2 stripes in summer and winter weights, 1 weave in summer and winter weights – and each of these come in 512 x 512 shaded and unshaded versions, this means you get a total of 16 textures! These would be perfect for furniture, indoor or outdoors, it’s up to you to let your imagination flow.

The final item we have this week is the Sonoma Hanging Globe Sculpt Kit Version 1. This is a great item to get if you don’t know how to make sculpted prims yourself, but have the creativity to make things that aren’t already on the market. Included in this kit is: 3 hanger sculpt maps, 1 globe sculpt map, 3 examples, 1 texture guide, 1 texture grid and 1 globe texture. Please remember to check permissions on each item before using.

All of the above items will be at the special price of L$ 60 until the end of the weekend so make sure to visit before the prices go up on Monday!

Also a little note on items under the Clutter For Builders brand: buying any of these packs and kits means you agree to the user license. To get a copy of this, left click on the vendor and select “notecard”.

New Items At The Retro Swap Meet!

As a follow up to our previous post, we have 3 new items from Clutter available at the Retro Swap Meet for only L$ 10 each! All items at the event are from the period of the 20’s through the 1980’s. The first new item is the 1920’s salon chair, which seats 1 with 3 adjustable sit poses. This would be great in a parlour, library or maybe a powder room.

Next we have the 1920’s salon lamp, which you can turn off and on by touching the shade. Don’t let the name fool you though, you can use it wherever you like – even as a bedside reading light!

Our final item matches the first two, we have the 1920’s Salon Table. It could be used in a variety of places but I picture it used as a card table, where proper ladies would play bridge.

The Retro Swap Meet is already opens and runs until June 6, 2012; make sure to drop by and see what everyone is offering!


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