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Sixty Linden Weekends: Nov 30 – Dec 2

Hi again, we wanted to let you know about the special Sixty Linden Weekends items that we have for you over at Clutter for Builders! Each one is only L$ 60 for the weekend, so there is no reason not to grab them!

First item is the Restoration Farmhouse Bed Sculpt Kit, which allows you to build your own quaint, and somewhat rustic, bed with matching side table.. The kit includes: 6 sculpt maps, 2 examples, 2 ambient occlusion textures, 5 surface textures, 2 shadow textures, and 1 texture guide.

Then we have the Restoration Saw Horse Desk Sculpt Kit. You’ll be able to build this darling desk and bench with the items included: 3 sculpt maps, 2 examples, 1 surface texture, and 2 shadow textures. You could not only use it for a writing desk, but would be great for art projects or the handyman.

The furniture sculpt kits both look good textured in woods, so if you want a bit more variety the Sanders Wood Textures might come in handy. This is a pack of 6 colors of the Sanders woods in the following versions: 512 x 512 shaded and unshaded; and 1024 x 1024 shaded and unshaded.

Now if you wanted to add some animations or poses to the Restoration Saw Horse Desk, or any other tables, we have some available as well.

This is the Sit-0036KA-Table-X-Proofread animation, which includes a static pose version. It allows the user to appear to be reading intently.

Then there is also the Sit-0037KA-Table-X-Puzzled, which gives the user the appearance of being somewhat confused. It contains 2 animations and 2 static poses.

The final item is the Sit-0038-KA-Table-X-Study, which allows the user to appear to be studying -great for students or schools! It contains 1 animation and 3 static poses.

Please remember that by buying any of these textures, sculpt kits, or animations & poses, you are agreeing to our user license agreement.


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