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Builder’s Bargains: Nov 7 – 10

Clutter for Builders - Crafty Xmas Tree Mesh Kit

It’s that time of year…the holidays are quickly approaching and suddenly we all need to decorate our homes and businesses to fit the season. To get you into the mood, we have the new Crafty Xmas Tree Mesh Kit on sale for L$ 200 as a part of Builder’s Bargains until November 10, 2013! The kit contains 11 multi-face mesh models which builds trees with a land impact of 2. The items include: 2 trees, 2 ornaments, 3 stands, and 4 toppers. Please note however, that there are no .dae files in the package. Stop by Clutter for Builders soon to snatch this up on sale, because after the 10th the price will go up to L$ 600, and there is no reason you should pay retail!

Please remember that by buying any of our mesh kits you are agreeing to our user license agreement.

Super Sales Weekend: Feb 16 – 17

Clutter for Builders is participating in Super Sales Weekend today and tomorrow (February 17, 2013), with a brand new item for you all – priced at only L$ 60!

Clutter for Builders - Rockies Bark Textures ad

The item is the Rockies Bark Textures, which is a collection of seven tree bark wood textures in a seamless 512 x 512 size. I can imagine these being used for some funky tree-house like builds, or maybe for a secret oasis for relaxation.

Please remember that by buying any of these texture packs, you are agreeing to our user license agreement.

Twisted Krissmuss!

Clutter for Builders is taking part in an event called Twisted Krissmuss which runs from December 7, 2012 – January 4, 2013. All items for this event are priced at L$ 100 each and are transferable for gifting.

Clutter for Builders - Crafty Christmas Tree Sculpt Kit ad

The first item we have is the Crafty Christmas Tree Sculpt Kit. It is provided with a rebuilder box that allows the original purchaser to transfer the entire package once as a gift. If the purchaser so chooses, he may keep the package for himself, however either purchaser or recipient may only produce gifts with the product.  Gifts must be given as Mod/Copy or Mod/Transfer.  They may never be given out with full perms or as Copy/Transfer items. Please also note that sculpt maps are not included. What you do get is: 16 full perm example pieces, 4 finished trees, example pieces palette, 7 shadow textures, and 8 surface textures.

Clutter for Builders - NY Loft Tweed Textures w_Bonus Sculpt

Our second item is the N.Y. Loft Tweed Textures, it works well with the N.Y. Loft Couch Sculpt Kit (out now for Sixty Linden Weekends). You don’t need to get anything else if you don’t want to because not only does this pack come with 14 fabric textures (7 colors in 512 x 512 shaded and grunge versions), but it also includes a bonus draped blanket sculpt. There is 1 sculpt map, 1 ambient occlusion texture and 1 surface texture, so you can use your new tweeds right away. With this item, our user license agreement applies.

Clutter at Home & Garden Expo!

Home & Garden Expo 2012 is charity fundraiser to benefit Relay for Life of Second Life – part of the American Cancer Society’s annual Relay for Life fundraising drive.  Cancer was responsible for 1 out of every 8 deaths worldwide last year.  And while ACS’s name suggests this is an American charity, ACS works globally.  You can read a brief outline of their global programs here.  In depth information on their website.

This year, Clutter has three donation items for RFL – two for home and garden fans, and one for builders.

Each are L$100 and pay100% to RFL of SL.

We also have some other new releases available for home garden fans, as well as lots of new texture packs for builders (we’ll post the textures a little later!):

And our Home Expo Hunt item, which also donates 100% of the L$25 cost to RFL:

The hunt item is inside a cupcake (look slightly up, over the birdhouse vendor at our Expo build).

At Expo, Clutter is on Dreamseeker Home Expo8 sim, sponsored by Cheeky Pea and the incredibly talented Isla Gealach!  For more information about the other fabulous designers on the Cheeky Pea sponsored sim, check out our sidebar for links to their blogs!


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