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New Stuff Out Today: Nov 28

There are 6 brand new items out at Clutter for Builders today! Each one is priced at L$ 60 until December 2, 2012 – so make sure to stop by and get them soon!

The first item is the sit animation called Recline-0040KA-Rest-X-Yawn, and it also includes a static pose. It allows the user to sit back and relax, as  well as show how sleepy there are by yawning.

Next is the Recline-0041KA-Read-X-GoodBook, which is an animation and static pose that allows the user to sit and read. Which brings us to…

A third sitting animation plus pose, Recling-0042KA-Read-X-Novel which is similar to the previous, but with both knees bent. All 3 of the recline animations would work well together for photography because they have the same center-point.

The next item out is an animation and pose pack called Sit-0039KA-Table-X-Write, which as the name suggests, is a writing animation (plus 2 static poses) that is meant to be used with a table of your choosing.

Changing gears, we have the Restoration Hope Chest Sculpt Kit. This kit includes: 5 sculpt maps, 3 examples, 1 surface textures, and 1 shadow texture. You can make several versions of the hope chest, which 1-3 land impact.

Our final new item is the Restoration Accessories Kit, Sculpt and Mesh. This kit allows you to make the sculpt and mesh versions of the accessories you see in the ad, and includes: 7 sculpt maps, 6 examples, 1 mesh object, 1 ambient occlusion texture, 9 surface textures, 1 shadow texture, 1 texture guide, and 1 script.

Please remember that by buying any of these sculpt/mesh kits, or animations & poses, you are agreeing to our user license agreement.


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