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User License Agreement

Clutter for Builders – User License Agreement

By purchasing from Clutter for Builders are you purchasing a license which grants certain rights to use the textures, sculpts, mesh, poses, animations, sounds, scripts or kits (henceforth referred to as components) contained within a package, and you agree to the  following terms and conditions:

1. Clutter for Builders components are strictly for content creation in the virtual world of Second Life. For information about licenses for other worlds, games or projects, IM Kat Alderson.  See below information regarding InWorldz.

2. Clutter for Builders components may not be resold, given away, or otherwise distributed as components.

3. Finished goods made with components from Clutter for Builders may be sold with transfer OR copy permissions. They may NOT be sold or otherwise distributed with transfer AND copy permissions.

Clutter for Builders – User License Agreement, InWorldz Amendment 02 – For Textures Purchased in Second Life

If you wish to purchase a single-user license to use Clutter for Builders textures at InWorldz, additional terms and conditions apply.

8.  You may purchase a non-transferable license extension in Second Life, direct from Kat Alderson, for a one time fee of L$25,000.  The extension will only cover texture packs created by Kat Alderson, which you have purchased in Second Life (includes past and future texture pack purchases).  The license extension will grant you the right to export the textures from Second Life for importing into InWorldz for the purpose of content creation in the virtual world of InWorldz.

9. You, the user, will be entirely responsible for exporting the textures and importing them into InWorldz.

9.  The textures covered under may not be resold, given away or otherwise distributed as textures.

10. Finished goods made with the textures covered under this extension may be sold with transfer OR copy permissions.  They may not be sold or otherwise distributed with transfer AND copy permissions.

11. Finished goods made with Clutter for Builders components may NOT be given away for free,  without express, written permission from Kat Alderson.  In requesting permission, present all the particulars of the occasion.  You agree that consent is at the sole discretion of Kat Alderson, and may be rejected for any reason, without explanation.

12. The license extension only covers those textures created by Kat Alderson which are included in texture packs for sale in our main store in Second Life, The extension does NOT cover textures included in sculpt and mesh kits, and does NOT cover textures given as hunt prizes or group gifts.

All components remain Copyright © 2011 Kat Alderson.

Clutter, Clutter for Builders are trademarks of Kat Alderson.

InWorldz Amendment Terms were added on August 22, 2013 and are effective immediately.

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